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Compliance Audits

Protecting your "O" licence is of key importance to any transport business owner. Keeping proper records is key to proving you are upholding the 5 legal requirements for holding an operators licence:

 •    The rules concerning the general driving and operation of goods vehicles will be observed
•    The specific rules concerning drivers’ hours and records will be observed
•    Vehicles will not be overloaded
•    Vehicles will operate within the speed limits
•    All vehicles and trailers used will be kept in a fit and serviceable condition
•    There will be a system for effective defect reporting and rectification
•    Maintenance records will be kept for at least 15 months
•    The number of vehicles authorised for each operating centre will not be exceeded.

Our experienced auditors will thoroughly examine your current systems, procedures & policies to ensure compliance. 

Once the audit has been completed our auditor will produce a comprehensive narrative report based on their finding outlining any areas of potential improvement or concern.

Once you receive your compliance audit report you will be able to forward this to the Traffic Commissioner along with your evidence of improvement.

Our compliance audit is suitable for both haulage and passenger transport companies.

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