Compliance Audits

Transporting goods or people means holding an Operator Licence. The Office of the Traffic Commissioner expects that O Licence holders take a proactive approach to ensure their transport business remains compliant.

Failure to comply with the undertakings agreed upon will have serious consequences for your business.

Our compliance audit follows the same format a DVSA inspector will follow when assessing the “back office” performance of your business.

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Our auditor will carry out:

A full inspection of your maintenance & inspection framework
Driver recruitment procedure
Driver licence and DCPC policy and record keeping
Disciplinary policy and record keeping check
Vehicle authorisation and operating centre checks
Checks on your Transport Manager (If on a National/International licence)
Details held with DVSA

The auditor will take all of the information and evidence away with them and produce a comprehensive report on their findings. Alongside the report will be a full set of recommendations on how to improve your systems and policies. This is usually within 7 days.

The auditor will need to spend time at your premises with full access to your paperwork and systems. The Transport Manager or person responsible for transport will need to be attendance. Dependent on the size of operation we usually need to spend half a day on site.

Our audit reports can be used to prove to the TC that you have undertaken a full impartial independent audit.

For more information or to discuss your situation, call us on 01530 834 554