Driver Certificate of Professional Competence

The Driver CPC (DCPC) is a qualification HGV & PCV drivers must hold to drive in a professional capacity. 

How does it work?

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All professional drivers have to complete what is known as "DCPC periodic training" which is 35 hours of training every five years to enable them to earn money as a driver. Training providers must be approved by JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) to deliver the training and have to follow rigorous rules on how we deliver the course and record the training we provide. 

when does it need to be done?

The current period is 2014 to 2019. Generally, this means that to continue to drive after September 2019 you will have to complete 35 hours (5 days training) before then.

Arguably, the best way to get your sessions done is by completing one session per year over the 5 year period.  To meet the needs of both employers and individual drivers MDR Training offers a range of courses and puts on various dates each month.

what course options do you offer?

We have approved a range of courses to suit most drivers:

Drivers Hours & Tachographs        
Driver Essentials        
Emergency First Aid at Work        
Accidents & Looking After Yourself        



Each of those sessions are 7 hour courses and are suitable for both HGV & PSV drivers (We do not run mixed courses). 

How much will it cost?

Our price structure is simple and based on the number of drivers in your booking (prices are based on one 7 hour session)

1 - 5 drivers - £51.25 + VAT + £8.75 (upload fee, non VAT)= £70.25

6 - 10 drivers - £45.00 + VAT + £8.75 (upload fee, non VAT) = £62.75

11+ drivers - £41.25 + VAT + £8.75 (upload fee, non VAT) = £58.25

what happens after the course?

Once you have completed the session(s) your driving licence details will be uploaded to the DVSA database. Once the DVSA has recorded 25 hours of training your card will be produced (dependant on how early/how late you complete the training depends on when you receive your card). You will receive a certificate for each session you attend.

For more information, contact the team by using the enquiry box form below or call us on 01530 834 554