Driver Certificate of Professional Competence

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All professional drivers have to complete driver CPC courses. Known as periodic training the driver CPC qualification is proof of your knowledge and understanding of the rules and legislation surrounding HGV & PSV driving.
The driver CPC course is split over 5 days or 35 hours of driver CPC training.
Each session will last 7 hours (8 including breaks). We usually start each session around 8am and finish at 4pm.
We have various modules approved by JAUPT for the Drivers CPC:
Drivers Hours and Tachographs
Driver Essentials
Safe Vehicle Loading & Defect Reporting
Driver Personal Well being
Emergency First Aid
You can mix and match the modules to create a driver CPC course to suit your needs.
The driver CPC trainers at MDR Training are all highly qualified in their field (HGV or PCV) and are knowledgeable in the subject they are delivering. (No 20 year olds without a licence!)

Courses cost £50 + VAT + DVSA Upload fee per person. We do offer group booking rates of teams of 10+ drivers. Contact us for dates, availability and a quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"If the rest of Europe isn’t bothering why should we!?" 

The rest of Europe is completing the Driver CPC here are some examples of deadlines in other countries: 

Austria: Cat D - 2013 Cat C 2014
Cyprus: All - 26.01.2012
Estonia: All - 01.09.2011
Ireland: Cat D - 10.09.2009 Cat C - 10.09.2010
Poland: All - 12.09.2014
Sweden: Cat D - 10.09.2015 Cat C - 10.09.2016

 Source: Driver CPC National Timetables 2012

"I won’t learn anything new!" 

Most professions have to carry out some sort of periodic training to carry out their jobs, the driver CPC is just that. Yes, some of the course will be confirming information you already know, but  if you are stopped by VOSA and avoid a penalty due to something you heard on the course has it all been worth it? 

"I don’t want to be in a classroom, I fall to pieces in exams" 

Luckily, there are no exams or tests to "pass" the driver CPC qualification. MDR do ask you to complete quizzes to confirm you understand the information given out during the CPC course but you won’t fail.

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