Home Study CPC for Road Haulage & Passenger Transport

Our Transport Manager CPC home study course will provide you with the tools necessary to prepare to sit either the Road Haulage or Passenger Transport CPC exams.

In the pack you will get:

The costs £125 + vat. Included in your home study course is:

  • Full course material
  • Revision notes & study guide
  • Case study exercises
  • Multiple choice papers
  • Full past case study exams
  • Research material
  • Free course material updates

Why Choose MDR's CPC Home Study Course?

Choosing to study in your own time is a difficult task, by choosing our course material you can be confident the material you are learning from is correct, up to date and contains all the practice material you need to be confident you have every opportunity when tackling the CPC exams. 

Studying out of date material is the cause of so many missed opportunities when sitting the CPC exams. MDR will supply you with free course updates for 6 months from the date of purchase, when you sit your exams you can be confident that the material you have been studying is some of the most up to date in the industry.

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You can buy our course material online by selecting either the haulage or passenger option. Alternatively, give us a call on 0116 200 1866 and place your order with us directly.

Transport Manager CPC - Home Study
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Need Support?

If you are finding your studies tough, or feel you would benefit from some support or classroom sessions you can add both to your order: