Driver CPC

Getting to Grips with the Driver CPC

September 2014 seems a long way in the past. Companies and Drivers were rushing trying to ensure that they had completed the requisite 35 hours of Driver CPC training. Many were convinced that it would simply disappear after 2014 or when Brexit became a reality. Neither happened and all drivers are faced with needing to complete their second 'helping' of periodic training.

This period, drivers have been significantly more proactive, the number of courses completed yearly has risen considerably. The benefit to companies and individuals of completing the five days over a longer period are - spreading the cost, ensuring that each training session is a different and reducing the need to release drivers en masse.

As an operator it is your responsibility, whether you provide the driver CPC to your employees or not, to monitor their CPC record the hours completed and keep adequate records. Drivers need to register on the DVSA website to allow you access to their records. If you need help accessing this service then contact us, we will point you in the right direction. 

MDR Training runs regular DCPC courses throughout the year, including Saturdays. We have a number of course options from First Aid Training to Tachograph & Drivers Hours modules. With professional trainers and group booking discounts, we can help you make sure your drivers stay compliant which in turn protects your Operating Licence. 

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