Protecting your Operator Licence

Your operators licence is granted under the provision that the transport business operate their vehicles safely and within the law.

To be granted an operators licence the Traffic Commissioner must be satisfied that the transport business has made proper arrangements concerning the safe operation of their vehicles. Your statement that you will adhere to the following legal undertakings:

•    The rules concerning the general driving and operation of goods vehicles will be observed
•    The specific rules concerning drivers’ hours and records will be observed
•    Vehicles will not be overloaded
•    Vehicles will operate within the speed limits
•    All vehicles and trailers used will be kept in a fit and serviceable condition
•    There will be a system for effective defect reporting and rectification
•    Maintenance records will be kept for at least 15 months
•    The number of vehicles authorised for each operating centre will not be exceeded.

Ensuring the business has correct and effective policies & procedures for maintaining these legal undertakings is a difficult process. The ultimate responsibility lies with the appointed transport manager or competent person and if the company is not found to be operating in a competent manner sever penalties can be imposed, including the revoking of the "O" Licence.

MDR Training (UK) Ltd, offers a range of training options & consultancy services to help your business stay compliant.

Operator Licence Awareness Training - Reaffirms your responsibilities as an "O" Licence holder

CPC Refresher Training - For Transport Managers, this course will update your knowledge in relation to ensuring compliance with all the above areas

Compliance Audits - Our experienced auditor will carry out an independent audit of your systems, policies and procedures to ensure your transport business is being ran in a compliant manner

If you are looking for help & support to protect your operating licence contact us on 0116 200 1866 to discuss your situation.