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The Transport Manager CPC. Studying and Maths!

maths cpc confusion

OK, you have worked in the haulage or passenger transport industry and its time to add a qualification to all that accumulated knowledge. The next logical step would be sitting the Transport Manager CPC qualification.

Problem solved? ...Nearly.

On a day to day basis, I speak to people from across the industry who are thinking of gaining their Transport Manager CPC qualification. The biggest concern I hear is that potential delegates are put off by the fact that they have not sat in a classroom environment, for a significant amount of time.

Is having not been in a classroom for many years a dealbreaker?

Not really. To succeed and gain the CPC qualification the main things we look for in a delegate is that they are keen and willing to listen and contribute in the class. You do not need to hold a Masters in Law to understand the legal elements of the course. You do not need a working knowledge of algebra and Pythagoras theorem to schedule a drivers' working day.

What you do need is a good grasp of written English, and understand how to use a calculator. We can teach you the rest.

Steve, our Passenger Transport tutor created this very useful "Maths Package". We use this during the course and I think that anyone considering sitting the Transport Manager CPC course should take a look at it:


The purpose of this short post is not to scare people, in fact, quite the opposite. If you are worried that your lack of academic experience will unfairly hinder you then think again! With the right attitude, top quality tutorage and a decent calculator the Transport Manager CPC is an achievable and attainable goal.

You can read more about our Transport Manager CPC classroom courses here. Or if you would like a chat, call us on 0116 200 1866.