Exam Preperation

Studying the Transport Manager CPC via Home Study

There are several routes to study towards the Transport Manager CPC qualification.

"Home Study" can be a cost effective, viable alternative but for it to be successful you will need to take a disciplined and organised approach to your studies. 

While it isn't easy, it is entirely possible to study at home without going crazy!

Set a Routine

Try to set aside a certain amount of time each day to dedicate to your studies. Whether this is after work or after the kids are in bed. Setting a routine and sticking to it will allow you to focus solely on your studies.

Be realistic with what you fit into your schedule, this leads onto the next point...

Avoid Cramming!

The Transport Manager CPC course from MDR is a modular course. Break the course into manageable chunks. For example the Road Haulage course is in 26 modules splitting that over say 2 months or 8 weeks equates to 3.25 (4!) modules per week. You could tackle a module per day, revise on day 5 then take 2 days rest. Exams are held 4 times per year, you need to decide on a target exam date and set your timetable accordingly. Remember you need to have booked your exams at least 4 weeks before the exam date. Ring 01162001866 or take a look the transport manager cpc page for exact dates.


There is a huge resource of research at your finger-tips - the internet! The course contains a huge about of additional useful information, but as you are studying "solo" take to forums to find other peoples point of view on a particular subject. (MDR are currently in the process of setting up a community forum for their students)

Revision & Past Papers

Included in your course material is a full suite of tests, exercises and past papers. You can also find many other exam examples from OCR. Make sure you read examiner reports and pay particular attention to how case study questions and answers are laid out the page.

Exam Preparation

This ties in with the paragraph above.  As you are aware you can take your course material and any supporting notes into the CASE STUDY exam with you., Make sure they are organised, there is a contents page included with the course, you may find it helpful print some of the supporting information and add it to your study manual. You can take anything into the exam you think you may need (I'd not try and take your IPad in, that may get frowned upon). 

Make sure you have practiced the MULTIPLE CHOICE exercises thoroughly, there are only so may questions and variations on a theme. The more practice you have had the more likely you are to recognise the questions in the exam paper.

The syllabus for the Transport Manager CPC covers a large area and the amount of information can be daunting. If you do feel swamped MDR do offer tutor support, revision sessions or one to one sessions to prepare for the final exam.

Visit our CPC Home Study page for further information, or give the team a call on 01162001866