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One of the drawbacks of attending a classroom course is time out of your business or work, we created a solution  - the Distance Learning Package

The distance learning CPC course is an effective compromise between home study and classroom learning. MDR bring their tutors to you!

The Distance Learning CPC study option is suitable for both Road Haulage & Passenger Transport operations.

With this package, you get the flexibility of home study and the help and support of a dedicated tutor. Your tutor will provide guidance, feedback and answer any questions you may have on the subject. Having two days of classroom revision brings this course together, during the session we will revise the entire syllabus, and prepare you fully for the final exam.

The total course price, including VAT & exam fees, is £722.85. Click here to book a Distance Learning package

What do you get with the package?

  • The same course material that is used in our successful classroom courses (kept up to date should any changes need to be made)

  • Study guide

  • Stage tests

  • Case study exercises

  • A structured plan and timescale for learning

  • A tutor to mark your completed stage tests and case studies

  • Feedback, advice and guidance from your tutor 

  • 2 days free classroom revision time (mock exams, tests and exam preparation) Revision sessions are held two days before your chosen exam date. Revision is usually held at our Leicester training centre.

  • All exam fees included

We will continue to offer support and material updates for two exam periods (6 months)

Distance learning is more cost effective than a classroom course but will require a significant level of self-motivation.
The pass rate for this method of learning is still substantially higher than studying via home study. Currently, the pass rate is 60%.

How do I book a course?

For more information or to place a booking either contact us on 0116 200 1866 or complete the box below

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Distance Learning CPC - Road Haulage
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